digitalaccess.jpgDigital Access:

It is full electronic participation in society.

Digital access affects us, students, because it limits us to use our electronics.
Everyone should have access to technology if it's an online club or it's something that not everyone can join. We should be able to have access to it. This way we could make the digital world better. There should not be any internet that is not affordable to a lot of people.

  • If someone can not afford internet that would make them be able to not access the digital world. Expensive internet will cause people to not be able to go on the internet. That will limit people to their access. The reason this matters is because some students that can't afford internet will not be able to do what some other students can and they might feel left out.

IF this would take effect it would help students that used to not be able to have access to have access. Students could make more friends online and it can help them to have a better life outside of the cyber world. It can help them keep up with things like technology and things going on outside of school.


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