Digital Commerce
  • Is the electronic buying and selling of goods/products.
A large portion of the market economy is being done electronically. Its easier and more convenient than driving somewhere to buy somthing that can be bought on the computer and delivered to your home.The digital economy does not have any effect on right and wrong, but it does have a massive effect on the availability of goods.This in turn makes buying and selling illegal goods much easier. We must be aware that privacy online is required, anonymity is involved as to who should be allowed to be anonymous in network interactions and under what circumstances. It also refers to consumer privacy, specially when buying online. This is why privacy is required in digital commerce. Security is necessary when it refers to buying items online, it is required because we must ensure that our private information doesn't go everywhere and that the pages we are visiting are safe. Know how the scams work. They only work if they can fool you. If you know about them they can't fool you. Purchase goods in person if possible.

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Above is the cycle of digital commerce