Digital Communication

What is Digital Communication?

Digital communication is electronic transmisson of information that has been put in digitally

Real life examples

  • Cell Phones
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Skype
How It affects students and why does it mattter?
It's a way for students to communicate with their friends and teachers. They can use it at home, on their phones, and in school. Its an fast and easy way to communicate information and to get responses. For example, If a student is struggling on homework they can easily contact their teacher or friends for help.
Communication with technology
What Happens if this is not taken seriously?
If Teens do not take digital communicattion seriously their lives could be in danger. They need to learn the safetys of the communication online. Teens shouldnt just add strangers on Facebook, or talk to them on twitter. They need to take precautions before making decisions using these ways of communication. Their personal information could be available for anyone if they dont make their profiles and accounts private. There are many good and bad things that occur using digital communication.