Digital Etiquette:

Digital Etiquette or netiquette is a basic set of rules you should follow to make the internet a better place for yourself and others.

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When on the internet, teenagers are usually on social networks, chatting with friends, updating statuses or posting pictures. Facebook and Twitter are examples of social networks that cause a lot of trouble, for example cyber bullying. Some people will post bad pictures or write hurtful things on people's walls. Every once in a while fights will occur between people who are trying to make their peers look bad. The people who are getting bullied end up with a bad reputation and it will ruin friendships. It can even go as far as committing suicide.

Cyber bullying is real. Kids and teens all over the world are hurt everyday because of cyber bullying. It is estimated that more than 13 million children aged 6 to 17 have been victims of cyber bullying. More than 2 million of those kids and teens told no one that they were being attacked. If we can prevent cyber bullying then we are following the rules of digital etiquette.