Digital Security

Digital Security - Protecting yourself and your identity from people who might want to steal it.

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Real Life Examples

Some real life examples of digital security would be using different passwords for all of your accounts. So if somebody gets one password to an account, they don't get all of them. Once the person has all of your passwords they can get on and say anything or steal anything or buy anything they want under your name. They could also give out your password to more people and then you could lose everything.
You can also download a software called KeePass Password Safe. This is a secure password manager. You put all of your passwords into a secure database which is locked with one file key. You can use this if you want a different password for each of your accounts you have and at the same time it keeps track of them for you. This is one of the many useful source to save you password in a secure location.

Friendly Video On Digital Security.

Teen Awareness Of Digital Security

For teens to take this issue more seriously, we could ask them how they would feel if their Twitter or Facebook accounts got hacked and somebody started making fun of other people as you. We would have to tell them to put none to minimal personal information on public web sites. Then we could make a bunch of t-shirts and braclets and hand them out for free.